How to counteract and reduce water waste at home?

How to reduce the waste of water at home? Here are some simple tips to avoid wasting this precious resource

The environmental sustainability is an increasingly topical issue which concerns us all. This is why it is important to understand what are the small daily gestures and the simple attentions to be paid to limit the waste of water at home . Putting virtuous behaviors into action in our daily life is essential both to help the ecosystem and to save on bills.

How not to waste water at home? Useful tips

Wasting water at home has important consequences on the ecosystem and the environment. it goes without saying that it is indispensable and necessary to use this resource consciously, respecting the environment and future generations.

Without wanting to invest responsibility for the fate of the planet, know that, as well as for saving energy , in the same way to save water it is sufficient to change our daily habits

  • leaving the tap open involves considerable waste and for this reason a good practice can.his could save around 2,500 liters of water per person per year
  • prefer the shower to the bathroom . The reason is simple: for a shower you need about 20 liters of water, while for the bathroom 150. The calculation of the savings is therefore easy!
  • when washing vegetables do not keep the water tap open but leave the vegetables to soak in a tray and then rinse them quickly under a jet of water.You will get the same result by wasting much less water

uses appliances rationally, uses a fully loaded washing machine and dishwasher : for a typical family of 3 people it has been calculated that this precaution saves 8,200 liters of water per year. If you have the latest generation appliances, you prefer Eco washes and rinses, with a careful eye on water and energy consumption.

Consider buying flow reducers for your taps: you can save up to 30% of water.

Loss of water in the house, how to notice and intervene

Optimizing water use also involves constant maintenance of domestic systems. The waste of water also passes from poor maintenance of the pipes;But how do you notice a water leak in your home? First check the boiler pressure relief valve : these valves are usually connected directly to the exhaust pipe and if there is a leak you may not notice it without a timely check. To understand if there is a leak, try temporarily closing the water valve and check the meterlooking at the dial: if the display continues to rotate despite the closed valve it could be a clear sign of loss. If you are not an expert and suspect a leak, call a trusted technician for a timely inspection of the system. With a Verti home policy you can take advantage of the guarantee of the right professional. Likewise also the toilet flushcould be the cause of water being wasted due to a leak